Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easy Street Step 4- More Geese

New Geese added to the Old Geese-Enough Geese!

I admit it, I am NOT in love with the flying geese. Oh they may add motion to the quilt, but I (trying not to whine) can't seem to get the hang of these lovelies. I am making improvements. This set of geese look much better than my first. The problem came when I had to sew the second set of geese (teal and purple) to the initial set. My sewing on the first set of geese lacked precision. The geese where misshaped and sometimes a little smaller. I am glad to report I have made improvement, but oh what a mess when I started sewing these together. Some where able to be repaired. Some where discarded and new geese made. Along the way I also discovered that I did not choose my background wisely. Instead of the black and white, I chose a grey and white for a softer look. Unfortunately I only had three fabrics. The one with the most yardage had lots of variation in the pattern, but when cut into 2 inch squares a lot of that got lost. I ordered more gray and white fabric last night. Hopefully this will add a little zip to my collection. I am sure I will end up making new geese with the new grey and white, because some of the initial geese from step 2 just can't be saved. (maybe they would make a good doll quilt, or cut up and put into something scrappy). Frustrations and all I am still happy with the progress and loving every minute of working on this Mystery Quilt.

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