Saturday, December 29, 2012

Easy Street Step 6 - waiting for fabric

I had decided last week that I was not happy with my background fabrics. One piece in particular looked great on the shelf, but when I went to cut it, the variation in the pattern was lost. I ordered several more gray and white fabrics last week. Step six is to making Double Brick blocks, from that very fabric I don't like. Bonnie says if you are only using one background fabric you can just cut 3.5 inch squares. I am doing this with some of my original fabric, and will added the new fabrics when they arrive. I hope they are here by Monday so I can get them cut before the next step is posted. In the meantime we had a lovely snow. Only 3 inches, not much by some standards. It is the perfect wet snow. Lovely to look at on the trees and plants, but melting off the streets.

I think today I will try to get my sewing corner a little organized. Bonnie promises a fast finish and I want to have my spaces cleared so I am ready to go when the next step is announced.
A peaceful winter morning in Cincinnati.

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