Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easy Street Step Five- Read twice and cut once

Oh Yes I did! But I made it right.
You know how carpenters live by the motto to measure twice and cut once? Those who follow this advise save time in unnecessary re-cuts and don't waste wood. Well quilters gather round and listen to my tale of woe. My advise is read twice, look at the pictures, underline the specific instructions if you must, in other words pay attention to what you are doing.
With the holiday and my busy schedule I was so excited and proud of myself for getting my step 5 blocks done. I had stayed up late one evening cutting my fabric and dutifully spent time each night until the blocks where complete. Imagine my shock when I logged on the QCA site and the Easy Street link. There where examples of the blocks in teal with purples roofs. I went to my machine to double check. I looked at the instructions (with color pictures included). Yes, it was true. I did 64 blocks the wrong way. Yikes!. I was tempted to pretend I did it on purpose. But I womaned up and took responsibility for my goof. I cut my new blocks and a snow day from work allowed me to complete all 64 blocks..CORRECTLY.
I secretly am hoping the next step will be 64 house-or sitting turkey blocks as Bonnie called them with purple bases and teal roofs.. I am sure I will find a project somewhere down the line to use them.  They are pretty and I still like them, and my eldest son informed me it would be okay if I made him another quilt...hmmm I have 64 blocks to start with. I hope he likes purple and teal.
This is the way they are supposed to look.

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  1. I did exactly the same thing with the flying geese units LOL. They'll come in handy for something. Your little houses look great. I hope we start joining them into blocks this week.