Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy Street Step 2

I said that I joined the Easy Street project to learn...Well that mission is being accomplished. It has been a interesting struggle to learn to do a presentable flying geese block. I have been using the methods Bonnie suggested. Initially my blocks where okay, but I did not have sufficient seam allowance at the top. I thought when they where put together they might look like they had run into a brick wall. I was tempted to keep making blocks until I remembers my goal is to learn, but not necessarily master, a new technique. So with a few exceptions I am using my flying geese, imperfections and all.  I admit I do have some extra fabric tucked away..just in case...things don't look right when the blocks go together. For now I have about 30 geese to go. I should be done just in time for the next step. I am very excited about the next month as this project unfolds. Oh by the way. I figured out my problem. At first I was pressing my right side so the dog ear was to the right rather than the bottom. Once I correct that things improved...And yes I do notice I don't have all those dog ears cut..But I will just as soon as the step is finished.

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