Sunday, January 6, 2013

Easy Street-Block B- I am seeing stars!

I have all my A blocks done> I have four to do of Block B. I was very happy when I realized that this block had those star centers. I hope to finish my next four blocks one day this week and start assembling the quilt by the weekend. I need to either redo or make new flying geese to finish my blocks. The ones I have are kind of wonky, they don't fit.

These is a sample of the blocks laid out in the pattern. I love how it comes together.  I do not think I will put a border on. On second thought I may put a small, 2.5 inch border just to keep all the edges from stretching. I doubt that I have enough of my scraps to do it, but it should not be too difficult to come up with something that compliments the quilt.

Block B. See how the stars show up when the houses blocks are placed around the center block.Before I put this together  I played around with a purple center.  It really shows up. I plan to make some with matching centers for the back of the quilt with the purple houses I made in error.

The fabric in the center of the block above is one that I fell in love with and added through out the quilt.  There is some of the limey green in it, but it ready presents as a darker green. You can see with the darker greens below the purple star is not as prominent.

I have been having fun putting all the combinations together. I admit that my quilt is more of a controlled scrappy. I had a smaller variety of each color to start with, maybe four or five of each color family. I do think there is enough variety to make it interesting.
Another block with my favorite green fabric


  1. I like how you played with various colors - your right, the purple center didn't play up so well with the leaf print. It's been an amazing adventure with Easy Street and I'll look forward to seeing your finished one.

    Dee in Arizona

  2. Thanks Dee Cee. That is part of the fun, playing around. It looks like your quilt is coming together nicely.

  3. I love your yellowy greens. It's been fun working on this with quilters all over the world.

    1. I agree. I am going to miss that and will be looking forward to next year. I am pledging to take part, no matter how difficult it may appear. What is your next project?