Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Easy Street Step 8 - Reveal Block A


The reveal and step 8 was posted New Years Day. For those new to Mystery Quilts, a reveal is when you are given the last step, a picture of what the finished quilt should look like and instructions on assembling the quilt.  Step 8 requires 16 blocks of Block A and 9 blocks of Block B. Here is a sample of the Block A. I need 16 of these lovelies. As of tonight I have 9 completed. My goal is to get at least two completed every night until they are done. Once these are completed I have 9  Block B, 15 inch squares to do. As I put these together I am very happy that I picked such a neutral background. The blocks with the gray bicycles where supposed to be part of the background too. However, when I experimented with them they took over the block so they have been sent to the scrap box for another project. I got my new grey and white fabrics today. I am keeping all the background tone on tone. It seems to work well so far. I will post again when I have all 16 blocks completed. Happy Piecing!

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