Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spring Teasers

Spring teasers.

Banana Cream Hellebore

It really is not good to just sit in front of the computer or even the sewing machine.

Sometimes we just need to see blue (or in my case grey) sky.  Cincinnati has constantly changing weather. Just a few weeks ago we had snow. This weekend it is in the 60's, but starting tomorrow it back to the normal lows in the 20's and highs in the 30s. Taking advantage of the heat wave, I put on the muck boots and sloshed through the mud and raindrops to capture a few pictures of what is peaking out of the garden soil.I was pleasantly surprised.  So everyone take a few minutes to go outside and see what is new in your environment.

It is no coincidence that the garden and seed catalogs are showing up in the mail, competing with the quilting magazines for our attention. Around April it will be a battle.  I did see some fabric with beautiful cherry blossoms online.  The quilts are winning, for now..

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