Sunday, January 13, 2013

Easy Street Top together-Now for border?

Finally the top is together. Hurray! I am one happy sewer. This is the most difficult quilt I have done and have learned a lot. I am still uncertain if/what to do for a border. I think construction wise a border will keep the edge from stretching. I will keep a watch to see what others are doing. The contenders for the border are in my previous post.
 Mio Dio...after reading that some one found a problem with their quilt I decided to give mine a critical look. I discovered I put a piece in backwards in one of my 9 block....of course it would have to be right in the center of the quilt...If it was anywhere else I would ignore it. I guess I will be doing some ripping tomorrow.  That is it for today.

You can see the edge is greens. Selection 1 below would probably blend and not be a design element.

Fabric arrived-Border on-On the way to Sandy for quilting.


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