Monday, January 21, 2013

Serenity Quilt- Starting a new quilt.

The fabric has been waiting, neatly stacked and stored for over six months. All other projects are out of the way. It is time to start a new project. This quilt is for  my "baby boy". (Actually he's 30.) He's the only family member who does NOT have a quilt from me. Mostly it's been because he did not seem particularly anxious  to have a quilt. There is no special occasion, or reason. But who needs a reason! Momma just wants him to have a quilt.

He likes modern and oriental style. He likes black and uncomplicated designs. He has dragon tattoos. So for that, and several other reason I decided to make a quilt revolving around a dragon theme. He likes things understated so I am hoping this quilt will be elegant too. I am attracted to the simplicity of Japanese blocks I have seen. It's like the fabric does the talking and the piecing does the walking.  After finishing Easy Street, with lots of complicated piecing this is a relaxing quilt to make. As I read about Japanese quilts I am attracted to the symbolism. I will incorporate some of that into this quilt. Some of that symbolism determined the fabrics I chose. The quilt has a center panel made of the dragon fabric.

Fabric for Serenity Quilt.

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