Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jana and the Sugar Block Club

My granddaughter Jana has been sewing for a little over a year. As she likes to say, she is going on 11. Last year we did the Craftsy BOM. At times she decided the block was too much (paper piecing) and instead we did a wonky, scrappy block or more Ohio Stars. As she likes to say "It does not matter what we do, we are just having fun".

Jana  has been out of commission for the last month or so as she needed to have a spinal fusion. Surgery is over, and the worst part of the recovery. She is getting stronger each day. Despite wearing a back brace she is back to sewing. It is working out great because her activities are limited, no gym or recess, or rollerskating, climbing trees, walking in creeks, etc. Sewing has been a great way to fill the time and be creative.

We looked for a project for the coming year. She has one planned for her dad...we will blog about that later. But for now she decided on the Sugar Block Club (which we keep calling the Sugar Bowl Block of the Month). It promises to be a modern twist on some traditional blocks. Each month there is a new block and a recipe for something sweet. A link to that BOM and Stitchery Dickery Dock is on this blog. This month is  the Snow Blossom block and Banana Cream Whoopie pies. Jana changed it to Pumpkin Cream Whoopie Pies..After all we are just having fun.

Here are some pictures of Jana's progress on the first block.
Inspecting her work
Proud of the results

Happy with the results!

Oh yes, we can't forget the treats!

So good and so sweet!

 So besides sewing and quilting Jana is interested in another adventure. She wants to write together too. So she will be appearing as a guest blogger at times on this blog. After all we are just having fun, and quilting, and writing together.

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