Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy Street-blocks done- choices, choices

Horray! I finished the last block for Easy Street tonight! I started to lay it out, but the kids have the family room occupied and there isn't enough space in the basement sewing area.

So the lay out, labeling the rows and sewing them together waits for tomorrow. I have decided to do a small border on the quilt. Mostly because the edges are on the bias and I think a small border will frame it. I am going to make it no more than 2.5 inches. For the most part the natural edge has the green and yellow leaves print. Visually this creates a darker green edge so I am considering a green border. .The picture below if the four corners, so you get an idea what the edges look like.

. Here are some of my ideas for the border, and perhaps the binding too.

1. closest to pattern and color
2. similar pattern darker border
5. blends with color, texture to frame

3. dark frame
4. Lots of limey cheer
You would think it would be easy to pick a border. To complicate it the back is purple, but will also be pieced with teal and greens. I will probably use a purple binding.Or the same green as the border.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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